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Relaying experiences of an outage or slow performance on Autos of Interest can be helpful for making improvements to the site. Any feedback on what is perceived to be a glitch would be appreciated, so please speak up.

(If you are reporting a non-glitch concern, relating instead to content, please do so on the Materials Concern page.)

To report a technical concern, leave a comment below. All comments show up in the sidebar feed, displayed on the main pages, so please keep it nice. Not all problems will require being listed as a “known issue” but, depending on severity, they will appear on this page to keep you informed as to any progress made towards a resolution. Thank you in advance!

Known issues:

  • The three sub-pages linked from the Challenges page are only partially working. The Mystery Images page is fully functional; the puzzle feature on the under-construction (test bed) Word Search page appears to be functioning properly now, so this page is queued for final work; the Q&A page has material waiting but has not been built.
    • The Word Search puzzle is inherently incompatible with touch screens.
    • The Word Search puzzle was not appearing for most computers. Recent software conflicts were resolved and the no-show-puzzle problem is believed to have been abolished in the process. Please report any anomalies with the functionality of the puzzle.

  • The Your Opinion page button, under the Feedback sidebar, is a dummy button because that page has not been built.
  • User names
    • While attempting to comment, one reader reported being logged in as Mike Rosa. Currently, there is no known cause and just the one reported case. Please comment if you’ve experienced something similar.
    • Comments from one of the site’s more frequent commenters are showing username “Anonymous.” The search for a solution is ongoing and until then the username is being corrected manually. If you see a meaningful comment by an anonymous user, there’s a good chance it is by solidsilver.