January 28, 2018

These are exciting times for truck fans as we have seen recent introductions from each of America’s Big Three. The new Chevrolet Silverado, with its aggressive approach, will be hard to mistake for any other truck on the road. Conversely, Ram’s new 1500, while sedately handsome, is somber in the styling department. To me, even a little generic. It’s clearly not a bad thing because that restraint is precisely what some people find appealing.

For this round of full-size truck designs, I happen to prefer the distinguished approach taken by Chevrolet. But that is totally subjective.

2019 Chevrolet Silverado

The third new truck is obviously the new 2019 Ford Ranger mid-size. The thing I want to point out here is a likeness I am picking up between the new Ranger and Ram, in their faces.

2019 Ford Ranger and 2019 Ram 1500

I’m not accusing anyone of stealing the other’s design but I think it is noteworthy that the two brands converge to this degree. Granted, this Ranger is new to the U.S. but it has been on sale for many years outside the U.S., with a slightly different face. The new Ram 1500 could be viewed as having borrowed features from its smaller cousin, Durango.

No harm, no foul. It just looks to me like the styling of these two would’ve worked nicely as Ram 1500 and Dakota offerings.