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Ellena G3.0 sketches

Some people go to great lengths during life to stand apart on the road. So, is it any wonder some would rather not be carted to their final destination in a commoner’s hearse? Italy’s Ellena Autotrasformazioni offers distinctive options to get those last few stares of jealousy… er, perhaps, looks of amazement. The design sketches above are of Ellena’s flagship, the G3.0, but they currently produce three models based on European luxury cars. Their E 212 appears to be the entry point.

Ellena E 212

Ellena’s site is in Italian, which I cannot read, but it would appear this is their first level of exceptionalism. It is called the E 212 and it’s not hard to deduce that the name, like the car itself, is derived from the Mercedes-Benz W212 E-Class. At 17.8 feet, however, the E 212 measures more than a foot and a half longer than its wagon counterpart.

Ellena E 212 interior

Its short doors and the arc of the large side window lend beetle-like proportions which translate to plenty of cargo space. Or is it passenger space? Either way, the rear compartment is seven and a half feet long, by three feet high. Despite all that space, bear in mind the E 212 has room for only two passengers… that is, seating for two.

Ellena E 512

If you plan on bringing additional seated people along for the ride, you’ll have to step up to the larger and cleverly named, five-passenger E 512. As you can see, doing so gets you more of the original car. A lot more, bringing the total length to almost 20.5 feet.

Ellena E 512 interior

The E 512’s rear appears plush and the bench seat folds, doubling as storage space.

Ellena E 512 interior

The E 512 also has two inches more bay area length, compared to the E 212.

Ellena G3.0

For Ellena’s highest hearse expression, you would opt for the Maserati Ghibli-based G3.0. Although its rear bay length and height dimensions are identical to the E 512, the G3.0 is a whopping foot and a half longer, measuring almost 22 feet. A standard Ghibli sedan measures just over 16 feet. I don’t find it particularly attractive but certainly capable of making its contents stand apart from the other contents at the cemetery.

Ellena's site did not provide interior pictures of the G3.0 but Car News made this video.

Mercedes Benz W210

Ellena also sells some of their older, used hearses on their site as well. Such as this late 1990s, E-Class-based model E 210.

Mercedes Benz W210

Their older work comes across a bit utilitarian, by comparison.

Chrysler CR400

Ellena even offered this Chrysler 300-based model CR400. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a 300 converted for such duty.

Chrysler CR400

Looking like something out of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, it would stand out even on its home soil.

Chrysler CR400

Not too shabby inside (as if it really matters). Think it’s got a Hemi?