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August 28, 2016

I was sitting at a light the other day and noticed this school bus across the street. I might be behind the times, particularly being offspring-less, but I had to look it up.

2016 Ford Transit school bus

With a little research I found that the Ford Transit vans were introduced sometime in early 2015 and entered production later that year.

I’d underestimated not only the versatility of this new generation of pint-sized work vans (the Transit buses can carry up to 25 passengers) but subsequently their popularity.

2016 Ford Transit school bus promo pic

I found two makers, the Collins Ford Transit and Micro Bird T-Series.

Vans with such compact dimensions and relatively light-weight construction might not have been so widely accepted prior to gas price spikes and uncertainties… oh, and the fact that domestic full-size van designs have roots stretching to the mid-1990s.