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August 25, 2016

Reversible seat cushions were not found on Buick’s LeSabre Estate Wagon, not even the Century. It was their all-new 1986 Riviera that included the feature, the T-Type much less.

1986 Buick Riviera reversible bucket cushions

As indicated in Buick’s own brochure, the seat and seatback cushions were covered in leather and “plush” fabric surfaces on opposing sides, and were fastened by Velcro.

1986 Buick Riviera T-Type reversible bucket cushions brochure

Packard had something similar in the early 1950s with their Caribbean model, using leather and materials such as brocade and boucle. Unfortunately, citations sometimes label Packard alone in that regard, neglecting to mention that Buick reintroduced the feature about 30 years later.