Detour banner

July 13, 2016

Why another section? Four years ago the site was new, along with the creative process. However, it wasn’t long before posts and their associated digital files started to pile up. My instinct is geared towards organization, so I instituted procedures.

Today, 215 gigabytes are required for more than 42,000 files associated with the site. The post count is almost 500, and more than 7,200 image and graphic files have been uploaded to the server. The procedures have kept things remarkably organized.

On the other hand, organizational procedures can consume time and confine creativity. When is the last time I put up a brief or spontaneous post? Heaven forbid! How would it be categorized? What about the heading structure? Should there be a banner? The lineup can’t be altered!! And on and on. The short-lived “Side Note” category attempted to solve the problem but, in my opinion, the less-official posts ate up valuable space in the main feed.

After much, much trial and error, this Detour arrangement allows for communicative-style posts, without disrupting the main feed which will continue to offer formal, informative-style posts.