picture post1999 Honda Spocket (not sprocket) concept

1999 Honda Spocket concept banner

1999 Honda Spocket conept

Challenged to come up with something innovative, in only eight months Honda’s designers in Torrance, California produced this exotic-looking sports car concept with tilt-up doors and a convertible top that slid back at the push of a button.

1999 Honda Spocket conept interior

The Spocket had all the contemporary gadgetry, including Honda’s GPS navigation and sideview mirror-replacing cameras with head-up display projectors. Despite all that, its interior was waterproofed and could be hosed out. The Spocket was inspired by Honda’s first mass-produced vehicle, their mid-engined 1963 T360 pickup.

1999 Honda Spocket conept

In honor of the T360, the Spocket is also a pickup, though, not mid-engined—more accurately, not only mid-engined. There is a gas engine up front but also two in-wheel electric motors at the back. The batteries were positioned neatly under the bed. As if that wasn’t enough ingenuity, a hidden jump-seat can make it a four-seater.