At Nissan, there were a couple vehicles I was interested in seeing. The new Maxima, which debuted at the 2015 New York Auto Show, in April, was there but I didn’t get any good shots. (Coming clean, the hood would not shut all the way and riled me up, so I moved on to their trucks.)

   2016 Titan XD


In the 1980s and ’90s I admired Honda products but my passion faded along with theirs. Like Toyota, their latest products are infused with sporty and unique traits and the new Civic is no exception.

   2016 Civic Coupe

   2016 Civic Sedan

   2017 Clarity Fuel Cell


While Honda’s latest resurgence of design passion seems moderately restrained, in many instances, Toyota’s has come unhinged. There were plenty of nice vehicles on display but I couldn’t help gravitating to the most polarizing of the bunch.

   2016 Mirai

   2016 Prius


Historically, Volvo was never associated with cutting edge styling. However (here comes the nerd in me), starting with the 700 Series, in 1985, the edginess became edgy and acceptable for a premium offering.

   2016 XC90


No, I didn’t photograph the all-new CX-9. Shame on me. I actually forgot to look for it. I can partially blame that on the scene that unfolded at a Miata display.

   2016 Miata

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