Kia’s area, adjacent to Ford and Lincoln, was relatively forgettable in terms of pizzazz. The brand has been fun to watch as it sprang from the lowest ranks and exhibited some mojo but as it settles in to its new-found status, with consumer expectations set higher, their designs are showing signs of timidity.

At the time of these photos, the redesigned 2017 Sportage was hours from being unveiled, yet they still had some interesting product and concepts on display.

   2016 K900

   2016 Optima

   2015 Sorento PacWest Adventure concept

   2016 Optima Convertible concept

   2015 Forte Koup Mud Bogger concept

   2016 Sorento


In my haste and the excitement of the moment, I blew through Dodge. I did look at the vehicles but took few pictures. Naturally, though, the Viper was beckoning.

   2016 Viper ACR


There was one reason I wanted to visit Fiat’s section.

   2017 124 Spider

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