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The first car show I can recall going to was with my dad in Los Angeles, in 1986. Almost three decades later (ouch), the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show is the first I attended with press credentials. The press preview took place over a week ago and, following general admission week, the show has ended. So, breaking news this isn’t. It is, however, a look back at the highlights of that glorious day.

Historically, attending with the shoulder-to-shoulder masses always precluded unobstructed shots and the freedom to fully interact with displays. Though a laborious experience, I never wearied of it and always went back for more. The irony is, having previously operated in those conditions, you might think the press event would have been a piece of cake. Au contraire mon frère.

The labyrinthine expedition, otherwise known as parking in Los Angeles, was familiar. But, after that, the pedestrian vacuum and nearly unconstrained access to the exhibits seemed to overload the strategic center in my brain. Truth be told, I was a bit intoxicated on arrival, as my wonky path indicates.

Los Angeles Auto Show floor plan

This is the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show floor plan, with an overlay of my inefficient and incomplete course through it.

For the record, I hadn’t consumed alcohol or drugs… I was apparently drunk on excitement and, in contrast to my typical OCD approach, easily allured to the shiniest attractions.

The result was over 500 pictures. Following are some of the day’s highlights, in chronological order. My apologies for the quality of the earliest images. There was a definite learning curve with respect to the wild lighting employed for some displays, and it’s hard to tell on location how well and how many of the shots are keepers. The majority of the interior images were not up to par which is why so few are included.


Lincoln was my first stop at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. I thought their display was familiar from years past but had an especially elegant feel to it which I attribute to the theme’s colors. Though the refreshed 2017 MKZ debuted in a drab brown, as you’ll see, the soft lit backdrop for that car facilitated wonderful pictures.

   2015 Continental concept

   2017 MKZ


Ford was, naturally, located proximate to Lincoln and the next logical stop. It was a very large space that Ford had staked out and flooded in blue lighting. That too presented some pictorial problems but certainly set the mood and no doubt made many a Ford fan feel right at home.

   2015 GT concept

   2017 Escape

   2017 Super Duty

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