October 26, 2015: technical issues

Gremlins. They can make grown men cry.

1978 AMC Gremlin X Levi edition

Fun fact: Did you know George W. Bush drove the family’s Gremlin, in 1973, while getting his MBA degree? Like this one, it had the Levi package.

1974 AMC Gremlin

Fun fact: Did you know Bill Clinton drove a Gremlin during his 1974 campaign for a seat in the United States Congress? Although, his was green.

1968 AMC AMX-GT concept

The production Gremlin always looked rather homely, being half a Hornet. A conceptual forebearer, that looked light years better, was based on the Javelin.

Actually, when I first mentioned gremlins and making men cry, I was referring to the variety responsible for chaos in computers but it did seem an opportune way to incorporate cars. Feel free to talk about the cars or let me know if you’ve been experiencing any issues with the site, particularly if it’s ongoing.