August 5, 2015: AOI MIA

I don’t usually write non-automotive, personal posts but seeing as how long its been since something new has been put up, an explanation is in order.

As I’ve alluded to in the past, this website is a full-time commitment that I took on after some bad events had unfolded in my life. In making that decision and leaving my profession as a technical writer, I accepted there would be a dramatic lifestyle change as part of the undertaking but determined I was going to stick to it.

It’s now been roughly three and a half years since I started and there have been just over 400 posts.

As you may have guessed, the site’s income is tied to ad revenue. I’ve done my best to keep the advertising as non-invasive as possible because I feel it saps enjoyment. Unfortunately, while the revenue has increased commensurate with visitor traffic, it is still a far cry from a living wage. In fact, for the first couple of years, the monthly take amounted to less than one hour’s wage at the engineering firms I’d previously been writing for and was hardly enough to cover just the bills related to running the site.

There have been times it seemed best to shut it down and return to my former profession. But, I am resolute and thankfully have supportive family and friends.

I’m not sharing this to garner sympathy or promote myself. Instead, that preface was to say that the recent hiatus is because I’ve taken on some temporary, full-time work to shore up the accounts. Since even my briefest posts can take a couple of hours to prepare and I will not compromise on quality, things have been on hold.

If you are a fan, however, rest assured it does not appear Autos of Interest is going away any time soon.

Having Craig Pitman join me as another voice was an important step of growth, and his writing and photography skills have been a perfect fit, in my eyes. My readers know that General Motors has been extremely gracious to me and instrumental to the site but recently I’ve even made inroads with Toyota Design, opening up all sorts of new possibilities. Moreover, having former top-tier GM designers cooperate with me and even write articles for the site has been another windfall

Despite these benefits and pending plans to address shortcomings, things do remain precarious… not to mention frustrating at times.

So, you may notice the ads being moved around in search of the most productive location and, at some point in the future, a donation panel might appear in the sidebar. I really loath the thought of donations and/or expanded advertisements but they’re the only methods available to me to keep things running in the long haul.

Finally, I’d initially wanted to stick some bonus pictures at the bottom of this post but, looking at the clock now, I see it’s well past bed time if I’m going to function at the office tomorrow. Please hang in there while I work to make the site stronger.

Thank you for your support and you’ll be seeing more from me soon.

Mike Rosa