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1989 Oldsmobile auto electronics brochure

I always loved collecting brochures. It was almost fanatical. Sometimes to the consternation of salesmen unconvinced I was interested in every model, I’d take a brochure for every model. Window of opportunity permitting, I’d snag the oft-overlooked informational material too.

Looking back, all the hassle was worth it and the leaflet type brochures often contained the most details. This one was personally procured from the Oldsmobile display at the 1989 Los Angeles Auto Show.

1989 Oldsmobile Auto Electronics DE

Formed in 1909, Delco (“Dayton Engineering Laboratories company”) was acquired by GM in 1918. In 1985, GM purchased the Hughes Aircraft Corporation, folded in Delco and re-named it GM Hughes Electronics Corporation. A reorganization in 1997 shifted the commercial portion of Delco Electronics under Delphi Automotive. In 1999, Delphi Automotive became a separate publicly traded company and that was that for Delco. GM still retains rights to the name and uses it, including for ACDelco parts.

1989 Oldsmobile Auto Electronics U1C

Oldsmobile’s big news for 1989 was option code UC1, the newly available in-dash CD player; eligible models included the Cutlass Supreme, Touring Sedan, Ninety-Eight Regency, and 88 Royale Brougham. Sony introduced the world’s first in-dash CD player in 1984 and, in 1985, Mercedes was first to offer a factory-installed unit.

1989 Oldsmobile Auto Electronics UK3

Also debuting for 1989 was option code UK3, offering steering wheel controls. The horn was joined by seven buttons associated with the radio and climate control.

1989 Oldsmobile Auto Electronics HVAC

On the topic of climate controls, Delco offered mechanical, electromechanical and electronic varieties. I’m not entirely sure what the electromechanical version was but an example of the latter, from a Cutlass Supreme, is depicted above.

1989 Oldsmobile Auto Electronics instrument cluster

By 1989, most of GM’s vehicles had adopted backlit gauges. Though not a sporty orange, like some Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles had crisp instrument clusters (sometimes in blue) that were often informative and attractive. Incidentally, the instruments depicted above are representative of the Cutlass Ciera (option code UB3).

1989 Oldsmobile Auto Electronics broch cover

Here is the full outside panel of the 1989 Oldsmobile automotive electronics brochure.

1989 Oldsmobile Auto Electronics brochure inside

Here is the full inside panel of the 1989 Oldsmobile automotive electronics brochure.