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1971 Ford Ranchero ad

1971 Ford Ranchero ad

This 1971 ad contrasts Ford’s Ranchero GT and Squire trims. The former featured sportier trimming and options such as disc brakes, a “four-on-the-floor Hurst shifter” and a 429 Cobra Jet V8 with shaker scoop. Oh and “laser stripes.”

The latter, conversely, was fitted with deep-pile, “wall-to-wall carpeting” and breathable vinyl seats, as well “woodtone” paneling. Optional luxury touches included air conditioning, a vinyl roof and the SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic transmission.

1972 Ford Ranchero

The tidy-looking fifth generation Ranchero ended in 1971, after only two years. This curvaceous 1972, sixth generation, appeared substantially larger… because it was. Though full-figured, the tall grille and integrated front bumper eased some of the heft. Unfortunately, that would only last this one year.

1973 Ford Ranchero 500 GT

For 1973, in order to meet federally-mandated impact regulations, the form-fit front bumper was essentially replaced with a section of highway guardrail.

1977 Ford Ranchero GT

More linear and even larger for 1977, the Ranchero shared bits with the new LTD II. The foundation for that new model and the Thunderbird was actually the defunct Torino — the same that Ranchero was already using. So, ironically, the Ranchero literally shared its bits with the LTD II and Thunderbird. The last year for Ranchero was 1979.