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June 28, 2015: New content coming soon…

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I last posted, and wanted everyone to know that I haven’t disappeared. My life has been quite busy for the last little bit, culminating in a trip for a week to Varadero, Cuba. I just got back last night at 2am.

As most likely heard, Cuba is somewhat of a haven for classic automobiles. Where most go for the sun and the sand, I was more so excited to get the chance to experience their cars first hand. Although I had heard of the large amount of classic cars on the island, my expectations were still surpassed, especially in larger towns and cities like Havana.

As you can imagine, I took lots of pictures. My next few posts will reflect that, offering my insight into the automotive landscape of Cuba – one which is definitely unique from any other country. I got to see a broad portion of the country as well. I stayed in Varadero, the tourism capital of the country, whose cars were targeted more for the tourism industry. From there I visited rural areas through farming towns, where families mostly relied on the power of a horse and buggy rather than the horsepower of an engine. And then I also visited Havana to see what the transportation is like in large cities.

It’ll take a bit to go through my pictures, but I’ll take you on a tour through Cuba’s automotive landscape as I do, so please stay tuned for those updates.

I also want you to know I have not abandoned the story of Canada’s automotive landscape. The next portion covering the 1970s is almost ready, and I’ll be telling you the rest of the story as well – right up to breaking news.

Ciao for now!

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