June 6, 2015: Craig Pitman gains Author status

Unless otherwise noted, it’s always been safe to assume that posts on here were authored by me, Mike Rosa. In fact, at 360 and counting, I’ve produced 97 percent of them; the other three percent are split between two Contributors. However, that ratio may be about to change because Craig Pitman has been advanced to Author.

Contributor status still involves me in that, apart from the initial text and in some cases pictures, I handle the production of the post. Author status puts Craig in charge of his own production and gives him the ability to post at will.

There are still some wrinkles to iron out, such as making it clear as to who the author of a post is, since not all post types automatically indicate that information anymore. There’s also a bit of an HTML learning curve, especially when trying to adapt to someone else’s guidelines. (I haven’t heard back since I sent the, um, latest revised, guidelines matrix. Sorry Craig.) Hey, this is the first time I’ve handed over a set of key to the site. I wouldn’t have done it, though, unless I thought he was qualified and his work entertaining. Now, whether we will be treated to a peppering or healthy serving of his work will remain to be seen but bear in mind that there is more than one perspective being presented on Autos of Interest.

So, pardon the brief hiccups in post frequency and know that there is usually something beneficial behind them (and it’s certainly not for lack of material).

And welcome on board Craig!