aside postThat’s simulated leopard skin paneling

1970 Ford Econoline Kilimanjaro concept

Ford’s whacky but cool 1970 Kilimanjaro concept was designed with safariing in mind. To that end, it was painted beige and slathered with simulated leopard skin paneling. To keep from getting stuck in the wild, it was four-wheel-drive. If it did get in a jam, there were dual winches up front. Steps built into the side provided access to the roof and spare tire.

1970 Ford Econoline Kilimanjaro concept closed

A model demonstrates the side steps on the Kilimanjaro.

The rear side and half-roof swung open to allow Kilimanjaro passengers an unhindered view. It was also equipped with rifles to fend off ferocious animals that might have seen passengers as lunch wagon items.

1970 Ford Econoline Kilimanjaro concept open

Kilimanjaro shown with viewing panels opened.

The Kilimanjaro was based on the second-generation Econoline, not the most attractive van. That generation was introduced for 1969 (one model year late, due to a union strike) and lasted through 1974.

1970 Ford Econoline

Standard 1970 Ford Econoline van.