1966 Meteor

1966 saw some minor changes, essentially following the revisions to that year’s Mercurys.

1966 Meteor Montcalm S33

The 1966 Meteor Montcalm S33, a luxurious model with an emphasis on sportiness.

1967 Meteors

1967 Meteors carried on with minor changes shared with those at Mercury, which included moving the turn signals to the bumper and adding a raised portion of the hood that projected out into the grille. Montego was a new range topping model in the Meteor lineup.

1968 Meteor

1968 Meteors again received reworked sheet metal, with a heavier Lincoln influence. The Montego name migrated south, for use on Mercurys: LeMoyne replaced it as the most luxurious Meteor, pictured above. Where the Mercury grille for 1968 consisted of fine horizontal lines, the Meteor’s was divided into rectangles — similar in look to the 1969 Mercury Comet.

New, longer full-size Mercurys debuted in 1969. The ‘69 Meteors, again, shared the bulk of their looks with the Monterey (the Marquis — an upscale full size Mercury that debuted in 1965 — now had its own dedicated body style with covered headlights).

1969 Meteors

1969 brought a completely new Meteor to showrooms.

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