1965 Valiant lineup

A coupe and sedan from the Canadian 1965 Valiant lineup. The Valiant was available in 100 and 200 series models. In 1965, the 100 was based on the American Valiant, but the 200 was barely distinguishable from the Dart from which it was based.

1960s Fargo trucks

Fargo trucks were still sold in Canada throughout the 1960s, but differed little from their Dodge counterparts.

Monarch Falls from Power, while Meteor is Reborn
Things didn’t look so great for the unique Canadian Fords in the early 60s. In 1961, the Monarch was dethroned yet again, not to come back for the 1962 model year. And the same year, the Meteor brand burned up in the changing automotive atmosphere at Ford.

1960 Meteor

The 1960 Meteor was essentially a Ford with specific trim and a fancier grille, once again adorned with stars after they disappeared for the 1959 model year.

1961 Monarch

The 1961 Monarch wore a large gold crown in its grille to help differentiate it from the Mercury on which it was based. This was the last year for the Monarch brand.

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