1967 Acadian Canso Sedan and Coupe

A 1967 Acadian Canso Sedan and Coupe.

1968 Beaumont Coupes

Two 1968 Beaumont Coupes: one a low-rent pillared coupe with dog dish hubcaps; the other an upscale Deluxe hardtop.

1969 Beaumont SD392 coupe

A rare 1969 Beaumont SD392 coupe.

1969 Beaumonts

1969 Beaumonts showing the range of body styles offered, including wagons and both pillared and hardtop sedans.

1968 Acadian

When the Chevy II became the Nova in 1968, the Acadian followed suit. Gone was the split grille, making it rather difficult to identify it as an Acadian at first glance. Most likely a cost-cutting measure to share even more parts with Chevy, the SD was now referred to as the SS (while the Beaumont still used the SD moniker).

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