1965 Acadian Beaumont

A 1965 Acadian Beaumont showing its updated face.

If all this weren’t confusing enough, in 1966, the Chevelle-based Beaumont split from the Acadian brand to be marketed as yet another brand. The Beaumont now shared a dash with the Pontiac Tempest, and its new emblem featured the Pontiac arrowhead accented with red maple leaves. The SD (Sport Deluxe) trim was again available, and again essentially a Chevelle SS. The top-tier Beaumont SD396 had the 396-cubic-inch V8 from the Chevelle SS under its hood, and is considered highly desirable by collectors due to its relative rarity when compared to its American sibling. Both the Acadian and the Beaumont were sold in Canada until 1970 when the Pontiac LeMans and Ventura were introduced to the Canadian market, replacing their Canadian themed predecessors.

1966 Beaumont

In 1966 Beaumont split from the Acadian brand to become its own. The revised Chevelle also now featured a Pontiac dashboard, taken from the Tempest.

1966 Beaumont sedan

A basic 1966 Beaumont sedan.

1967 Beaumont coupe

A sporty 1967 Beaumont coupe with some groovy period artwork.

1967 Beaumont sedan

Another basic Beaumont sedan, this time a 1967.

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