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2014 Chevrolet Corvette proposal (mv150505)

Here’s another full size clay proposal for the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette. This one is shown outside, on the viewing patio, along with the GMC viewing bus, seen in the background. (The bus is used to shuttle passengers, such as decision makers, and accommodate year-round outdoor viewings even in brutal conditions.)

2014 Chevrolet Corvette proposal

2014 Chevrolet Corvette proposal.

Below is a graphical comparison of some of the more apparent differences between the clay model and a production car.

2014 Corvette and proposal comparison

Sections A through D are compared in closer detail, below.

2014 Corvette and proposal comparison A1

1) The model has a shorter front overhang than the production car. 2) What appears to be a horizontal LED light strip on the model did not make production but vertical side markers were incorporated into the wheel well arch. 3) The lower air dam was reworked. 4) The headlamp unit was brought further back over the wheel well.

2014 Corvette and proposal comparison

1) Side element on the model includes some type of insert and the upper crease tapers downward from the front; on the production model it tapers up. 2) Though highlighted with black tape for easier viewing, the side vent appears to to be slightly more elaborate than the production version’s. 3) Of course, the production car includes the Stingray badge.

2014 Corvette and proposal comparison C1

1) An interesting rear quarter window or possibly insert. The sharp upward angle was carried through but to a lesser extent and over a much larger area. 2) In the absence of the larger quarter window, it appears some form of detailing was planned. 3) Things like the fuel filler door and door handles add quite a bit of commotion to a panel.

2014 Corvette and proposal comparison D

1) There is a dramatic downward slope to the rear deck of the model. Note that the black material along the top is the backside of the other half of the model which is proposing a different deck height. 2) The longer rear deck is enabled by this elongated rear which, in turn, creates more side exposure to the rear lamps. 3) This production Corvette wears an optional spoiler but, even without it, the production model’s third brake light is raised; the pre-production model does not appear to incorporate a similar feature. 4) The production model was tidied up at the rear a bit with some dark and textured surfacing.