aside postFord Thunderbird Mule… for sure this time

Ford Thunderbird spied 1985-09

The various generations of Ford Thunderbird are either love it or hate it styling for me (admittedly, mostly the former). The ninth and tenth generations stood out for their advanced sleekness and strong proportions but there was an oddball.

Ford Thunderbirds 1983-89

With regard to style… the 1983 through ’86 Thunderbird, top, was a good-looking car; ahead of its time. The ’87-88 refresh, center, looked ungainly to me. The ’89-93, bottom, was almost beyond improvement.

Hot on the heals of a related and lively discussion, we have what is definitively a Ford Thunderbird mule. Despite the peculiar front end disguise, it is likely safe to label this a mule for the 1987 refresh.

Ford Thunderbird spied 1985-09

Ford Thunderbird spied in September of 1985. Source: Popular Mechanics.