opinion post Cadillac says V lineup to expand

2016 Cadillac CTS-V

Just some thoughts on an article that discusses the future of the Cadillac V series.

The Detroit Bureau reported that Cadillac plans to expand their V-Series model availability. I thought I’d read previously that the CT6 wasn’t even going to be eligible but would get a V-Sport option but it sounds as though Cadillac has changed positions and is considering taking it to the next level. After all, it will be a featherweight in its class. The upcoming sub-ATS model is also mentioned as a likely candidate which makes since because, unlike its European competitors, Cadillac is said to be going the sportier route, with RWD packaging.

Dave Leone, Cadillac’s chief engineer emphasizes in the article that models like the SRX or Escalade are not candidates. While I’m legitimately thrilled at their restraint, to be honest, I’d always thought an Escalade-V could be interesting, if done right (and Cadillac does seem to be doing things right lately.) My consolation came, however, in reading that a range-bridging V-Sport package is actually planned for the Escalade and possibilities still remain for the two rumored CUV/SUVs models that are underway.

In any event, it seems Cadillac understands that protecting their “V” branding is as important as the performance of the cars that wear the mark.