1951 Monarch

The 1951 Monarch. The reverse of the Meteor, it’s essentially a Mercury with a simpler, Ford-like grille treatment.

1954 Monarch

The 1954 Monarch, essentially a Mercury with a solid central bar in its grille and a divided lower opening.

1956 Monarch Richelieu

A 1956 Monarch Richelieu.

1957 Monarch

By 1957, visual differences between the Monarch and Mercury were limited to horizontal bars in the grille up front, instead of vertical, and the deletion of the bumper markers out back.

Also deputing in 1946 was the Mercury M-Series—a Ford F-Series clone that was sold at Lincoln/Mercury dealerships. Its purpose was similar to Chrysler’s Fargo, in that it provided a way to sell trucks at a dealership with no Ford presence. The M-Series remained in production until 1968.

1953 Mercury M-Series truck

A 1953 Mercury M-Series truck. Like Fargo trucks, differences between it and its Ford sibling are minor.

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