April 17, 2015: Why I use watermarks liberally

A lighthearted look at why websites use watermarks
Have you ever looked at some of the pictures in these posts and wondered, “Why the heck does the logo have to be slathered in so many places?”

Why so many watermarks?

The image above is obviously an exaggeration but the answer is: to protect time, effort and, sometimes, money invested in what is produced here. Amounting essentially to full-time effort, this site has come at heavy personal cost.

Naturally, sharing a picture and link is fine but some are using the images to recycle as material on their own websites. From cropping out the logo to digitally editing out watermarks, it’s all been done. The bigger surprise is seeing it done by corporate, big-name sites. Here are some recent examples that were taken and modified from my post on the 1990 Oldsmobile Expression Concept.

original and copied

original and copied

Those aren’t even particularly high-demand images but it demonstrates what takes place. Other images, like those of the pre-production 2014 Stingray, are even more valuable because this is the first and only outlet to have them (so far). So, hopefully you understand my response with the watermarks (and other discrete tell-tales) on the pictures.

By the way, there are no hard feelings about those pictures above, since the article was meaningful. I even learned there is still an active Oldsmobile website. (But a shout out can go a long way for a small-time site.)