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2014 Corvette proposal (mv150417) meda

I’d like to be clear that, this image and others on the topic to come, were not accomplished via run-of-the-mill procedures. It was a herculean effort that began with my usual contact who then triggered an extraordinary chain of events ending with Ed Welburn, GM’s Vice President of Global Design.

As a suggestion, Tom Peters, Design Director over Stingray and the latest Silverado, proposed images that were used for a PowerPoint presentation he’d given on the Stingray. I was told, “While the images were shown outside of GM, they were not posted or released.” That meant they’d be exclusive but it also meant they’d need even higher approval. The highest approval.

Subsequent to my request, however, there were major reveals planned by GM for the approaching international auto shows so, I understood, my number was not going to come up any time soon. In fact, it took four months of attempted meetings that were often foiled in the final minutes. I had no problems waiting, at all.

2014 Corvette proposal (mv150417)

You may hove noticed that this proposal not only incorporates rounded (or semi-circle) taillights but also the venerable handle-style B-pillar. There’s a lot more going on here and it will be fun to compare to the production car. I was also given high resolution originals, so this is just a sample.

I cannot express my gratitude sufficiently to GM, especially to John and Wayne for moving the request along.