April 16, 2015: Contributors Category and Credits

If you’ve rummaged through my posts you’ll have found they include materials provided to me by readers, industry insiders and even manufacturers. The contributions have ranged from images submitted anonymously to full-blown guest posting. Former General Motors Chief Designer, Dick Ruzzin, has guest posted and, as with his expert insights, the break from my solitary perspectives was a delight. Interestingly, I’ve received quite a few inquiries about authoring material but his has been the only other work I’ve published, largely to maintain a continuity of experience for the site. But that’s about to change.

Guest Posting

Aside from spammers (who’ll argue their material is not commercial… despite mandatory hyperlinks), several offers have turned out to be legitimate, from enthusiasts wanting to express themselves. Three of the most recent inquirers have been provided parameters and one recently submitted draft material for his first post that you will be seeing soon.

Now, I’m not going to spoil his work but I will tell you that he is Canadian and that perspective plays a big part in his multi-part opening topic. For instance, if you currently wouldn’t understand what a Canadian means when referring to a Plodge, you will. He expressed some concern that his British/Canadian English might come through in his writing but I’ve asked him not to bother trying to Americanize it (though, if needed, I might parenthetically convert measurements). Look for an introduction post soon, followed by his first write-up.

In addition, you have likely seen mention of contributions made by my Italian friend, Paolo. He continues to provide me with amazing materials on American and European cars, and news pieces delivered with a fascinating Italian perspective.

With that said, quite a bit of my time has been diverted to the preparations behind guest postings. As well, I’ve been creating a page that will serve to show who the site’s contributors are, what types of contributions they’ve made and links to any of their work on this site. Unfortunately, this extra work has affected the flow of regular posts but it should be worth it in the end.

If you have materials or a desire to write on a topic that you think this site’s enthusiasts might find interesting, feel free to email: