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A Jeep by any other name

To the left is a Jeep, CJ, correct?

Technically, no, it’s not a CJ and “Jeep” is actually its model name, not the make.

Confused? So was I.

None of the vehicles below were built by Jeep the manufacturer.

1954-73 Mitsubishi Jeep J3 1961-82 J20 Mitsubishi Jeep 1962-83 Mitsubishi Jeep J30 (Wagon)

None were sold by Jeep dealers.

1963-83 Mitsubishi Jeep J40 1965-82 Mitsubishi Jeep J20H (Metal Top) 1970-98 Mitsubishi Jeep J50

But all are, in fact, Jeeps—with respect to their model names.

Mitsubishi Jeep logo

Had you noticed the triple diamond logo stamped above the trademark radiator grille? Yeah, these are Mitsubishi Jeeps.

Starting back in 1953, Willys made an agreement with Mitsubishi to offer their vehicles to the Japanese market. They were sold exclusively through Mitsubishi’s “Galant Shop” retail chain. Variants were denoted by a model suffix and could be had with hard tops and even four doors, as well as diesel engines.

The arrangement continued all the way up until 1998, using Jeep’s old CJ-3B design, when production was terminated due to increasingly strict emissions and safety standards.

Interestingly, Mitsubishi wasn’t the only brand to stamp their logo on a Jeep.

Ford Jeep

In 1967, Ford do Brasil bought Willys’ Brazilian arm. With it came production of the short-wheelbase CJ5, on which Ford slapped three of their badges and called it a day (note the blue oval on the left panel, above). Later, they’d installed Ford engines from their local Brazilian-market cars.