picture postGM’s LeSabre concept—with heated seats!

1951 GM LeSabre concept

This GM concept was originally called the XP-8 but later adopted the name “LeSabre” (Buick employed the name for production use in 1959). Although this “dream car” project started under Buick (alongside a competing XP-9 design), it was taken over by General Motors Corporate.

1951 GM LeSabre concept

It would ultimately serve as the replacement for the Buick Y-Job that Harley Earl had commuted around in, as a calling card, for so many years. In fact, the LeSabre has roughly 45,000 miles on the odometer, most of which Earl is said to have clocked.

It was absolutely humbling to stand in this beautiful car’s presence, knowing what it had experienced. I was told, though all vehicles are cherished, this is the Heritage Center’s pride and joy.

Image taken at the General Motors Heritage Center, January, 2014.