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Autos of Interest Pop Quiz #3

For this Pop Quiz:

  • There are 15 questions worth a total of 15 points (one each)
  • The order of the questions is random to enhance replay
  • The time limit is turned off—but so is the scoreboard so there is no point in cheating!
  • You may back up at any time, until submitting your answers at the end
  • Afterward, a report is generated showing results and answers

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1) 1 point questionWhich engine was standard on Cadillac's 1980 Seville?

Pop Quiz #3 - Question 9

2) 1 point questionBelow is one of Mazda's former emblems.

Mazda stylized name logo

Which of the following logos was its immediate successor?

3) 1 point questionWhich manufacturer is responsible for this concept?

Pop Quiz #3 - Question 4

4) 1 point question

Built in 1910, the Fiat S76 had a 300 bhp four-cylinder engine. What was the engine's displacement?
Pop Quiz #3 - Question 11

5) 1 point questionWhat was the only model of Lexus to have not received a rendition of the brand's signature spindle grille, as of the 2015 model year?

2015 Lexus RC F grille
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6) 1 point questionWhich manufacturer produced this concept?

Pop Quiz #3 - Question 15

7) 1 point questionWhich brand of car is shown below?

Pop Quiz #3 - Question 1

8) 1 point questionHonda's 2015 North American product line includes the CR-Z.

Pop Quiz #3 - Question 5
True or false?

9) 1 point questionWhat manufacturer is responsible for this proposal?

Pop Quiz #3 - Question 8

10) 1 point questionWhich model of car is this?

Pop Quiz #3 - Question 2

11) 1 point questionPontiac's Grand Prix 2+2 package came out midway through its only year available. What year was that?

Pop Quiz #3 - Question 6

12) 1 point questionWhich American manufacturer teamed with Ital Design to produce the concept that featured this complex cockpit?

Pop Quiz #3 - Question 7

13) 1 point questionWhich manufacturer is responsible for this proposal?

Pop Quiz #3 - Question 3

14) 1 point questionBelow is the August 22, 1983 cover of Fortune magazine. It depicts GM's A-cars lined up.

Pop Quiz #3 - Question 12
Can you tell the brands from closest to farthest?

Pop Quiz #3 - Question 12

15) 1 point questionBelow is a concept's silhouette. What decade does that concept come from?

Pop Quiz #3 - Question 13
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