picture postMystery Buick two-door turbo

mystery PPG turbo Buick

Open top too

PPG Industries (an acronym derived from their former appellation, Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company) made several show cars and concepts during the 1980s. In the background, to the right of the subject car, is the Dodge M4S/PPG Turbo Interceptor… better known for its role in the movie The Wrath.

mystery PPG turbo Buick

All I know about this silver car is what I see in this picture. Based on what is on the door it is a Buick, a turbo and it, like the Dodge, appears to read “Pace Car.” That would indicate it’s a PPG creation.

mystery PPG turbo Buick closeup

The Dodge M4S debuted in 1981 as an Indy pace car and the movie came out in 1984, so this photo could have been taken in that general time frame. If you know anything or have a hunch feel free to share.