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Pics on Plaques

A couple of months ago I got a really nice compliment which came in the form of an email. It was from a guy that was responsible for producing approximately 50 plaques for presentation to winning participants of the March Meet at Auto Club Famosco Raceway, near Bakersfield, California.

A picture that I’d taken and put in a post from February 2013 had caught his eye and he’d hoped to use it on those winners’ plaques and fliers. He attached a copy of the shot he was interested in and requested permission to make use of it.

The picture he’d seen, below, is of a 1956 Plymouth Belvedere.

1958 Plymouth Belvedere

I was flattered and more than willing to accommodate his request. In fact, since it sounded as though he’d be editing the image, I offered the original, below, which was much larger and not cropped or retouched.

1958 Plymouth Belvedere original

Here are some samples of what was produced.

Dash med

p-50s med

I was unable to attend but I understand the show was an expected hit. A big thanks to John Fleming for allowing me the honor of participating, even if in a small way.