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The Riviera, having been introduced for 1986 in its wildly reduced dimensions was still sure to get the touring treatment. It’s fitting that the ‘T’ Package (option code Y56) and T Type (option code Y50) were available on Buick’s personal luxury car especially since, as mentioned previously, it had introduced the latter option, in 1981.

1987 Buick (Hot Buicks) brochure - 18-19

While, by many respects this was saving the best for last, there is also the least to describe since it mirrors the LeSabre’s and Electra’s equipment lists, with minor differences. For the ‘T’ Package, not only is the steering wheel leather wrapped and color-keyed but also the shift knob, and steering is listed as fast-ratio.

For the T type, the Riviera has listed amber park and turn lenses and silver lower body-side moldings with black rocker panel moldings. One peculiar feature are the “leather/suede and cloth power comfort bucket seats with power reclining seatback in red or gray, reversible from leather to cloth.” Never heard of that, much less on a Riviera.

1987 Buick (Hot Buicks) brochure - 18-19One more thing about the Riviera—no, not the frumpy lady… although, there she is again. No, I wanted to point out that beautiful, soft wave that flows down the side of this design. This is a ‘T’ Package-equipped Riviera and, like on many others, the design element is highlighted with a pinstripe.

1987 Buick (Hot Buicks) brochure - 18-19But since it was brought up, notice how happy this Buick driver is. Ironically, that car isn’t equipped with a touring option.

Rear Cover

1987 Buick (Hot Buicks) brochure - 20

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