LeSabre: pages 14 and 15

Apart from the wagon model, LeSabre had transitioned from the gargantuan B-body to the relatively petite H-body for 1985. This was still a relatively fresh model then and, to my tastes, even now. That is, because I like formal designs. In any event, the two-door models were particularly handsome and sporty-looking, belying their traditional interiors.

1987 Buick (Hot Buicks) brochure - 14-15

Unlike all the previous models, the LeSabre still offers a T Type (option codeWE2), not to be confused with its ‘T’ Package (option code Y56). In this case, the ‘T’ Package pretty much the same as the others but also a 2.97 “performance axle ratio.”1987 Buick (Hot Buicks) brochure - 14-15

Next, the T Type packed quite a lot of features into the option, including the ‘T’ Package equipment, plus black moldings, rear deck lid spoiler, front air dam, lay-down hood ornament, dual outlet exhaust, black and gray cloth seats (code 583), “operating console” what is that?), and other interior modifications including “gage” (sic) package with red backlighting, including the stereo.

There was a cop movie that this car was in around this time that, for the life of me, I cannot remember. It was a T Type and in the movie’s commercials, it would come screeching around a corner chasing a bad guy. All I remember is that the car looked phenomenal.

Electra: pages 16 and 17

Although relatively speaking, Electra was still Buick’s big luxury model, with the Park Avenue iteration topping the list. As with LeSabre, the Electra could be fitted with both ‘T’ Package (option code Y56) and T Type (model code F69) options.

1987 Buick (Hot Buicks) brochure - 16-17

Further mirroring LeSabre, the Electra’s ‘T’ Package carried the same upgrades, including the larger 15″ aluminum wheels and 2.97 performance axle ratio. While the ‘T’ Package was available on both Electra and Park Avenue, the T Type was only available on the latter.

Not extending the T Type to Park Avenue shouldn’t imply it was a lesser model. Quite the contrary. In fact, the brochure states it thusly, “The top echelon of Buick’s luxury-level specialty offerings is represented by the Electra T Type—the perfect combination of contemporary appearance, great handling characteristics and efficient performance.”

Overall, it too pretty much matches what LeSabre got except Electra was adorned with graphite-colored trim, rather than black.
1987 Buick (Hot Buicks) brochure - 16-17

Now, I’ve stopped pointing out the photographic wizardry that was being employed to duplicate shots (hoping you may have noticed the others on your own) but I need to again point out this lady they kept using to drive their cars. She looks downright angry here. It’s as if she was just minding her own business when these cameramen approached from no where.

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