Skylark: pages 6 and 7

For 1986, the compact Skylark had transitioned from the X-body platform to GM’s new N-body. Though a sporty looking sedan, it got the short end of the stick offering but one level of touring options in 1987, the ‘T’ Package (option code Y56).

1987 Buick (Hot Buicks) brochure - 6-7

As with all ‘T’ Packages, included were the requisite Grand Touring suspension, leather-wrapped and color-keyed steering wheel, badging, and wheels and tires (in skylark’s case, 14″x6″ aluminum wheels and P215/60R14 Eagle GTs). Apart from that, there were no performance upgrades. It was the following year, 1988, that Oldsmobile’s Quad-4 engine would be made available, even then producing just 150 horsepower.

Somerset: pages 8 and 9

The Somerset Regal was born as a 1985 model, effectively replacing the two-door version of the then X-body-based Skylark. Somerset had previously been a package on the Regal but, for 1986, it’s name was shortened to plain Somerset. Somerset is the name of locations, vessels and people but I have yet to read what Buick’s reference was to. In any event, the name changed yet again in 1988 when the model aligned with its separated-at-birth twin, the Skylark (sedan).

1987 Buick (Hot Buicks) brochure - 8-9

Possibly because two-doors were traditionally considered more sporty than four, the Somerset could be had with not only the Skylark’s ‘T’ Package but also an Exterior Sport Package (option code WN2). The former mirrored the equipment upgrades for the Skylark, while the latter blacked-out trim and added color-coordinated rocker panel moldings, a black front air dam, and “red and amber tail lamp lenses” (which I couldn’t recall until I looked it up).

An oddity I wanted to call attention to here is that it appears only two Somerset photographs were used for these four images. While today’s digitally rendered and easily manipulated media is often difficult to distinguish from untouched originals, somehow, Buick’s team managed to manipulate the photos to represent different packages and options. The two left car match as do the two right cars.

I probably went a little overboard to make the point but the dots on the image above are associated with those on the boxes below. Notice the undeniable similarities.

1987 Buick (Hot Buicks) brochure - 8-9

Tell me I’m not seeing things.

1987 Buick (Hot Buicks) brochure - 8-9

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