1987 Buick (Hot Buicks) brochure - 1The Cover

A case could be made that the Grand National or GNX should have landed the cover shot for Buick’s performance oriented brochure. Instead, their range-topping Riviera is pictured in a dusky shadow, carving through a corner. Although turbo Regals (and even LeSabres) were available as far back as 1978, as a matter of qualification, the Riviera was the first Buick to wear a T Type badge, in 1981.
1987 Buick (Hot Buicks) brochure - 1

As mentioned previously, there is simply no model year indicated. Besides the brand’s name, the cover merely states, “How to buy a hot Buick.” Then, to dispel any secretive notions generated by the unorthodox Grand National, they parenthetically hint that it’s “A simple matter of exercising your options.”

Introduction and TOC: pages 2 and 3

Open up to the first pages and you’re greeted by the one of the handsomest automotive profiles of the period. Personally, I always fancied Oldsmobile’s Delta 88 as the better-looking H-body but in two-door, T Type guise, like below, the Buick looked sinister. Shiny metal was blotted out and a horizontal trunk lid spoiler was attached at the trailing edge, lending a streamlined sense of forward motion.

1987 Buick (Hot Buicks) brochure - 2-3

1987 Buick (Hot Buicks) brochure

The text provides a table of contents and an introduction to the line of touring options. I’ve summarized those packages, below.

Interior Sport Package upgrades ranged from upholstery to instrumentation but was only available on Skyhawk.

Exterior Sport Package upgrades mostly nixed chrome in favor of “businesslike” blackout trim, along with other appearance changes that were model-specific.

‘T’ Package upgrades varied but, in all cases, included Grand Touring suspension, a leather-wrapped sport steering wheel (color-keyed to the interior), and improved wheels and tires.

Turbo Package upgrades were limited to the Skyhawk and Regal for 1987. There were obvious differences between model-specific engines and options but both received “other power properties that belong with such a spirited engine.”

Called out separately are the Grand National (still no GNX mention), and the T Type versions of LeSabre, Electra and Riviera, all referred to as “total sport packages” that are “designed with the true enthusiast in mind.”

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