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[Preamble: Since I was unable to travel to Detroit this year Dick Ruzzin offered to share his experiences from the North American International Auto Show, one of the greatest auto shows around. I yield the post to the celebrity roving reporter. -Mike]

By: Dick Ruzzin
Written: January 21, 2015

Report from the North American International Auto Show

Detroit is full of energy this week as the show was opened to the public last Saturday morning to a very high attendance weekend. There was a Friday night charity party for children which gathered over five-million dollars—the largest one day charity event in the world. The city is moving forward after its successful bankruptcy and, as each roadblock to success has been cleared, new businesses and population have started to move in to take advantage of the new environment. Finally, to great acclaim throughout the State of Michigan, it was over. The support from industry, individuals and the Michigan government made it happen.

The auto industry has high energy, made more so by the technological and electronic industry. It is fully embraced by auto companies around the world and was on display three weeks ago, in Las Vegas, at a massive electronics show—the largest in the world.

Today, I will take two financial professionals through the NAIAS, here in Detroit. It will be my third time to this year’s show which included one day during the Press Days event where information for new concepts and production cars is released to over 6000 journalists in attendance, from all over the world. Following are some highlights from those trips.

A Little NAIAS History

Over 25 years ago a small group of Detroit industry leaders got together to launch an idea to create the best international auto show in the world. All the trips to Tokyo, Frankfort, Paris and Geneva gave them a good understanding of the competition, not only the cars but also the venues and the exhibits.

The results of those and later studies were changes to Detroit’s major exhibit facility, Cobo Hall—changes and improvements that are ongoing. Every possible advantage to the Detroit show was given very serious thought and the result, among other advantages, is the highest space available for exhibits and a schedule for exhibit installation of over seven weeks. Contrasting to Frankfurt, when I was there, of just four days!

The show opened as the North American International Auto Show, one of only two in the world to be on display every year. That year, the first Designers Night in Detroit was presented to industry designers and the press at the Fox Theater, where a film honoring Sergio Pininfarina was presented by General Motors Design. He was there and said it was one of the best experiences of his life.

This year the excitement continues, times ten. The Detroit show is the only one in the world where mass transit cars can be seen and heard flashing across the ceiling to stations around the city, stopping at Cobo Hall.

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