Another proposed component worth noting is shown being used in this illustration by Dave Lyon, below.

1990 Oldsmobile Expression concept early sketch

Yes, he proposed a Nintendo Entertainment System. The 8-bit, first-generation unit. (Super Nintendo didn’t arrive until a few months after Expression’s debut.)

On the outside

If only I could call it a wagon, I could appreciate it relative to its contemporaries. But as a sport sedan, I must say, it looks a little heavy out back.

1990 Oldsmobile Expression concept

The large fuselage funnels out from a wedged nose that sets the horizontal character. The wheels (17-inch front, 18-inch rear) were reportedly used to enhance the car’s low front, tall rear appearance. At the leading tip, lighting is provided by a pair of clusters, each made up of five small headlamps. They were employed not only for their aesthetic properties but also because they provided even lighting.

1990 Oldsmobile Expression concept

Sport sedan or wagon, the Expression is a real looker. Though the greenhouse looks a bit over-sized, its overall lines are a study in proportions and its vertical taper imparts a low center of gravity. Its tail lights I find simply divine.

1990 Oldsmobile Expression concept

Oldsmobile’s press release discussed the concept’s backlight as if it had been built similar to what the sketches described, including three settings: a vent setting which would pop the rear window open sufficient for flow-through; a “partial retract” which was intended for loading cargo; and fully retracted for passenger entry and egress.

Its functionality was even discussed by Chandler when he was quoted as saying, “Despite the complexity of the system, it’s really quite simple mechanically. The cable controls for the backlight operation are located in the A-pillar and are easily serviceable.”

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