Three students from the College for Creative Studies (CCS), in Detroit, participated in the Expression project. I was able to track down the names of two of them (my apologies to the third). Below are proposals for expression’s rear end, produced by CCS student Dave Lyon.
1990 Oldsmobile Expression concept early sketch

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m seeing a better-looking Porsche Panamera in that sketch—from 1989! Granted, unlike the production Porsche, the Expression concept is front-wheel-drive. In fact, despite its shortish 104.9 inch wheelbase, it was built on a GM10 platform. Since I’ve broached the subject, the drivable concept was powered by a supercharged 2.3 liter DOHC Quad 4 that produced 230 horsepower, sent to a four-speed electronic automatic.

The other CCS student I was able to identify is Joel Piaskowski, who is responsible for the Expression rear end sketch, below.

1990 Oldsmobile Expression concept early sketchIn this sketch, the station wagon’s [rookie mistake Mike, pull it together] the sport sedan’s… uh, rear-facing third-row seating is shown accessible via its… um, swing-out tailgate and up-and-over rear window.

Not a wagon, huh?

Old gadgets and gizmos

Apart from a comment about the operation of the rear glass, Piaskowski made a notation about the tailgate, in his sketch above. More accurately, it was about things that he envisioned to be built into the tailgate for use by third-row passengers. Things such as storage bins, a video entertainment center and power outlets.

Below is a picture taken during the construction of the fiberglass-bodied concept. It shows the cutout where the aft electronics would be installed.

1990 Oldsmobile Expression concept tail construction

But in the end, conceptual rear passengers were actually treated to more than Piaskowski’s proposed gadgetry, including a CD player and vacuum, hot and cold storage, and power outlets scattered throughout.

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