Test your knowledge on random topics

Autos of Interest Pop Quiz #2

Some readers may remember my first Pop Quiz. Since it had been created entirely in HTML (with a labyrinthine back end), it had clunky functionality and was nightmarish to build. Pop Quiz #2 works much smoother and there’s even a real scoring system!

Some quick points about the quiz:

  • There are 20 random-topic questions worth a total of 40 points.
  • It can be retaken and the time limit is turned off—but so is the scoreboard so there is no point in cheating! Have fun.
  • You may back up at any time until submitting the quiz, at the end.
  • After, a post-quiz report is generated showing results and answers.
  • If you comment below PLEASE don’t give anything away!

Ready? It begins on the following page.