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Following are 10 questions on the topic of Cadillac. Most of the material was covered in the brochure and accompanying discussion.

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1) 1 point questionCounting the Fleetwood Seventy-Five Sedan and Limousine (and chassis) models as one, how many different models did Cadillac offer for 1963?

2) 1 point questionRemember the remarkable '59 fins? Do you remember their rough height to the top?

1959 Cadillac tail fin - how tall?
3) 1 point questionCadillac's historic crown-jewel that would sit atop its impressive lineup was the Seventy-Five. In 1963 it bore the illustrious Fleetwood moniker and was available as sedan and limousine (limousines had divided driver compartments).

How many passengers could a 1963 Fleetwood Seventy-Five be optioned to seat?

Fleetwood Seventy-Five: how many seats?
4) 1 point questionBelow are three Cadillac front ends indicated in a chronological order. Which of the following statements do you agree with?

Cadillac front end order: true or false?
5) 1 point questionThe 1963 Cadillacs were loaded down with myriad standard features and available with a dizzying array of options. While the more expensive models came with more equipment, some things we consider standard equipment today, wasn't back then.

Out of the list below, select the item that was standard equipment across the board. There is only one, the rest were options.

6) 2 point questionWhich model for 1963 did Cadillac market as distinctly shorter than the rest of the lineup, by at least eight inches, for the advantages of improved maneuverability?

1963 'short' Cadillac
7) 2 point questionCar "A" is the Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz. There was one other open-top model produced for 1963, car "B," which is the:

1963 Cadillac open-tops
8) 2 point questionBelow are five images of Cadillac rear ends, each from a different year. From the subsequent combination options, select the answer that lists these five rear ends in the correct chronological order.

1959 - 1963 Cadillac rears

9) 2 point questionBesides a substantial refresh to the bodies, the major news for 1963 was Cadillac's vastly improved engine. With the exception of a handful of parts and some dimensions, it was entirely new. Although there were little to no benefits in performance, the gains were in world-renowned refinement, reduced weight and increased efficiency.

Unbelievably, this 1963 engine redesign was Cadillac's first major major overhaul to their motor since:

10) 2 point questionBelow is a collage of five images. Each comes from a different year, within the 1959 through 1963 range. Each comes from a different car but all come from Cadillacs—except one.
From the choices below, select which one you think doesn't belong in this group.
One is not a part of a Cadillac

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