July 12, 2014: General Motors Goodies

I’ve been AWOL recently due to a three-week contract job that has me busier than normal. The work isn’t bad but I had not been looking forward to the longer days.

As if telepathically sympathetic, GM’s Heritage Center had sent a 22-pound surprise.

GMHC packageThis is what I found waiting after returning from my first day…

Yes, that is 22 pounds of literature straight from their archivesβ€”the GM Archives.

package open 1

Sitting on the floor, I unpacked each item which is probably 150 pieces. The treats range from brochures to press kits, and division-published books to post cards. Some pieces date back to the early 1960s, yet nearly all are in like-new condition!

There’s a substantial amount of Corvette and Cadillac material (including a press kit for the Sixteen and 56-page hardback book titled, “Cadillac AllantΓ©,” published in 1986 by Cadillac Motor Car Division); yet the overall variety is staggering.

package open 2

My friend John, at the Heritage Center, had told me he was going to send “some” items. I never expected anything remotely like this. Everything will be protected and organized in cabinets for reference and sharing.

Anyway, I’ve let the Marketing Material category flounder for quite a while now, so expect to see it revived and featuring a lot of this new material.

To my friend John Kyros and the entire GM Heritage Center, my humblest gratitude.