Below is drawing “D.” The first thing I thought when I saw the rear of this car was Chevy Celebrity. Chevy owned that concave look but never seemed to fully develop it, or even really care to.

I think it is visual gold.1997 Toyota Camry styling proposal sketch D

How about that front end on car “D”? Rather un-Toyota like, huh? Almost Ford-ish.

I think this next one is my favorite.

1997 Toyota Camry styling proposal sketch E

Car “E” looks wonderful. So balanced, so integrated. And that squared-up A-pillar looks incredibly elegant. It’s a shame Toyota didn’t choose to go with a more voluptuous design like this.

As already mentioned, the design they did go with was “C.” At some later point, this full-size model was created. You can see it has a waterfall-style grille, a la Buick.

1997 Toyota Camry styling model C early

It looks to me like there is something different about the headlight/side-marker unit too. Below is a picture of the rear of that same model. Marginally different from the production car.

1997 Toyota Camry styling model C early

Here in the United States, we didn’t get a station wagon version of this Camry but Japan did. I have four drawings that were in the running.

Boy, are they attractive.

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