Was Ford considering a SuperCrew Cab F-Series?

First-Generation, Three-Row Super Duty?

Based on what is in the background of this image I had been working on, dated the middle of 2000, the answer to that question would appear to be yes.

Take a look at a larger and sharper version of the picture to see what you think.

Offering heavier duty versions of full size trucks was nothing new in 1999 but to sell it as a distinct model with unique sheet metal was. That year Ford’s Super Duty line of trucks came on stage. Beefier, yes, but the cab choices remained the same.

From what I understand, those choices did and still do include a:

Ford Super Duty profiles

Super Cab

◄ and Crew Cab

◄ but not a SuperCrew Cab.

The photo below was cropped from another photo related to an upcoming Mustang post. While I was cleaning it up, I noticed a very large truck in the dark background.

With a little work, some details were brought out and it’s hard to see it as anything other than a Crew Cab with the added length of a Super Cab. The picture is dated April 27, 2000 which is right in the thick of the truck/SUV frenzy, which could explain Ford’s willingness to explore the waters.

Ford Super Duty SuperCrew Cab concept 4-27-00

From what I understand, Ford never produced a model like that. However, Dodge does come close.

2006 Dodge Ram Mega Cab medAs part of the Ram’s 2006 redesign, they jumped in feet first with a larger-than-life Mega Cab model. At 111.1 inches, the Mega Cab’s cab measures a whopping foot longer than a contemporary F-250’s. In fact, the Mega Cab launched boasting the “largest and longest cab in its class” and that it offered the first rear reclining seats for a truck.

Makes me wonder if Ford could have succeeded with such a model and how it could have affected the market.