disqus-social-icon-dark-transparentDisqus is back. There are several reasons I’ve made this commenting software switch but I can’t say that requiring my prospective commenters to either already have or have to sign up for a Disqus account was one of them.

Truth be told I’m more likely to skip commenting on a site before signing up for anything new to do so. But, it’s not all bad, there are some silver linings to Disqus. Your sign in will work on any other site using the software (remember, it’s claimed to be the most popular). What’s more, if you have a Facebook, Twitter or Google (Gmail) account, you can sign in using any one of those. And, you can add images to comments.

I realize that some readers are going to skip commenting as a result of the switch and more yet could be prevented due to technical reasons. I regret that and am sorry. Please feel free to email anything from a comment to suggestions.