Technical Difficulties

I’ve received inquiries about the disappearance of some comments, so I wanted to take a minute to explain what’s going on and let you know that all former comments are quite safe.


If you were around this same time last year you might remember my brief affair with Disqus, reportedly the web’s leading commenting software. For the most part, everything had worked fine but I elected to uninstall it since it didn’t cooperate well with certain operating systems used by some of my readers.

A year later (almost to the day by chance) I decided to make the switch again. Only, this time, the switch had a hitch. The former comments are safe in my WordPress database but since Disqus overrides that system and it isn’t seeing certain comments, on the webpage they appear to not exist anymore.

While all the old comments will come back soon, I unfortunately realize that I may lose out on new comments from some readers whose operating systems are incompatible with Diqus. I regret that and apologize for any inconveniences the change causes anyone. Thank you for your feedback, it is always appreciated.

[Update: the problem has been resolved and the missing comments restored, please alert me to any anomalies you may encounter.]