This is not a sponsored ad below and I’m not being paid by Cadillac to write about their marketing material. It’s just a screenshot of an ad that caught my eye and if you click on it, it’ll take you into this post.

What's Missing in this Ad?

Cadillac is not resting on their laurels
Sorry, that pun was just begging to be used. Now I understand we’re in the fall season but aren’t Laurus nobilis of the evergreen variety?

Cadillac logoThen why are they falling away from Cadillac’s logo? Laurus nobilis is the botanical name of the plant from which victory or status wreaths are made. We know it as the bay leaf, used in pasta sauces. But they’ve flanked Cadillac’s logos on and off over the years without regard for traditional consistency. Just like the crown and ducks that are currently MIA.

Today’s logo showed up in advertising in 1999 and on cars starting in 2002, and they’ve made no secret a redo is again in the works. They even showed off one possible rendition at Pebble Beach on the Elmiraj concept. When I asked the workers (see linked story) if this was the new logo, they adamantly said it was only one of many being considered. Here’s a shot I took of it against the concept’s wonderfully textured grille.

2013 Cadillac Elmiraj concept grille logo

The wreath is absent from the Elmiraj’s logo. Besides that, its crest looks stretched horizontally (or crunched vertically) compared to the current version.

I’ve read that Cadillac will transition to a new logo possibly bowing as early as 2015, although we’ve already seen the 2015 Escalade which wears the current logo. But, if the last roll out is any indication, we might see the new logo in advertising a couple years before it shows up on cars.

Here are some more random ads I took screen shots of. These first two are missing the wreath.

Cadillac ad without wreath

Cadillac ad without wreath
And here are a few still showing the wreath.

Cadillac ad without wreathCadillac ad without wreathCadillac ad without wreath

So, do you think this wreathless crest is the new logo? Is this pruning of the Laurus nobilis from the current logo just a test of consumer reactions to the idea? Is it transitional in intent?

Maybe someone reading this sees or knows something I don’t. Feel free to share an opinion.