The photo hunt is still on

Even though it may seem as though the 1992 Eldorado Design Notes post is never going to happen, it is… good stuff continues to come in from GM. Read on for the latest update.

Thus far, we haven’t located any pictures of the silver model that Mr. Ruzzin has described as story-rich. However, I have to say, at this point GM is ranking an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10 for helpfulness. We were originally going to call the search off at the end of last week but their efforts at reaching out to new contacts started to bear fruit early this week. Design has now sent over four more pictures that depict two more models. (Wow!)

I forwarded them on to Mr. Ruzzin but, unfortunately, they weren’t a match. While one set was chronologically close, the second set wasn’t from work on the 1992 redesign. He said he was already in Germany by that time and that they were likely shots of Advanced Studio’s work on a refresh.

The fourth-generation Eldorado had only one refresh, for 1995; a second, more significant update, like that of the 1998 Seville, was rumored but never came to fruition. I’m curious if the pictures aren’t from the latter period because the model’s headlights and front side markers look very close to the 1998 Seville’s; secondly, there is an even more substantial update on that model, quite substantial.

What could I be referring to? The C-pillar’s angle is not vertical! In fact, it is the only model or drawing out of all the pictures I have for the fourth-generation Eldorado that doesn’t employ the vertical rear-side window treatment. Rather, the C-pillar on this model is set at a steep forward-leaning angle that largely follows the roofline. It looks fairly dramatic and, for me, serves to change the tone of the entire design. At the rear, the model sported amber turn signals. Yeah, really.

Interestingly, in the second picture of the same model, the slanted rear side window and C-pillar were covered with what Mr. Ruzzin described as cardboard that, oddly, was painted with the existing car’s vertical design.

Beyond that, off to the side in one shot there is the hind portion of a strange-looking sedan that looks totally unfamiliar to me. Mr. Ruzzin could not positively identify it, saying it might be a Buick. I’ve asked GM if they could identify it for me but haven’t heard back on that yet.

I did request permission to share the additional pictures but haven’t received that answer yet either. In any event, hang tight. This post is shaping up to be a really fun one.