Still forthcoming

1992 Cadillac Eldorado status updateI just wanted to give an update on the status of the upcoming Design Notes post on the 1992 Cadillac Eldorado. GM Design is currently looking for pictures of a particular model that Mr. Ruzzin recalls and told me would greatly enrich the story.

The unfortunate news is that, by this point, I think hope is diminishing that we’ll get to see the presumably pivotal model. The upside is that there will be almost three dozen pictures in the post from the 1992 Eldorado’s design process, several in color.

As an hors d’oeuvre before the main course, I’ve included some sample images in this post.

Below I’ve put together a sample montage of some images that will be a part of the 1992 Eldorado’s Design Notes post. Of the pictures I’ve seen, these teasers are admittedly on the more provocative end of the spectrum. But you’ll have to wait for the full post to see the full images.

Below, you can see some of the different rears that were explored.

1992 Cadillac Eldorado design studies

Neat and wild stuff, huh?

Below are some profiles that were explored.

1992 Cadillac Eldorado design studies